One of the reasons that man has never adequately answered the questions of who we are and why we’re here, is that we have relied on the information from our senses, rather than on the information available through divine inspiration. We have tried to comprehend spiritual reality using only physical reality. By the time that we start hearing from our inner self about the reality of a higher consciousness (God), our intellect has already been fed so many inconsistencies and misinformation from the physical  world that we may disregard that inner voice because we’ve learned by experience that there is no answer. This is the time to listen to that Divine source, to be open to the answers. It is the time to recall those unanswered questions, and start an investigation of the spiritual world, to finally answer those questions… time to become acquainted with our Father, the MostHigh, mysterious one, beyond description, unobserved one. Well we can say (God) for a better word.