Quantum Theology is a discrete, indivisible manifestation of a spiritual truth into physical property, such a force, in becoming the Sons Of GOD

The Knowledge of physical matter and the SPIRIT and their interactions.

What are the fundamental teachings of Quantum Theology?

The fundamental teachings of Quantum Theology are royalty of happiness, authority, and time without end. Quantum Theology teaches that in order for us to obtain the glory for which we were fashioned, we must first arise in passion and dedication to the truth. We receive this enlightment by applying our new knowledge to our spiritual vocation -- the method of deeply changing our consciousness. By analyzing and recognizing the cause of our behavior in our own thoughts and true self, Quantum Theology challenges us to change our self and change the world. The sensible truth and spiritual teachings of Repentance (change of mind) are available to everybody for individual change and conversion. This is the foundation of everything we do.

Quantum Theology teaches that man (male and female) is a powerful being. Troubles, pain, dissatisfaction, or disorder that exists in us is the result of lack of knowledge, but only because we have not yet understood the reason we are here. That reason, quite simply, is who are we and how can we become what was intended for us to be of God.

Each day, we must be aware of renovation -- meaning constantly doing what is right in our daily lives. Through living by the golden rule and loving your neighbor as yourself, we strive to understand the Ineffable being.

What is the background of Quantum Theology?

The people of Quantum Theology are sanctified, enlightened, and devoted to bringing the knowledge of the Kingdom of God to the world through the studies of all ancient manuscripts about Christ. The Center has existed for more than 8 years, but its spiritual lineage extends even further. In the 20th century James Wheeler Ph.D., Nothing but the Holy Word; Joan Bunce, Ph,D., teacher of love; Winston Milford, teacher of the kingdom of God; Mark Barclay, teacher of Church goverment; Father Miguel Bonilla, charismatic Catholic Priest; Father Sergio, Catholic Priest; Father Thomas, Catholic Priest; Ruben Dario, Pastor; and Andres Ortiz, spiritualist -- and more than 4000 years of the world¹s religions have contributed to Quantum Theology.

What is the philosophy of Quantum Theology?

Quantum Theology teaches its members to analyze everything. One of the most important teachings of Quantum Theology is that you are the key to spirituality. Quantum Theology encourages others to take accountability for their own lives. That is the pattern set by the leaders of Quantum Theology. It's about the experience, not the teachers.

Quantum Theology encourages you to be a doer and apply what you have learned. If the group or members are eager to labor hard to be converted into active, compassionate, and understanding human beings, Quantum Theology teaches that their performance and joy will manifest a total new being. That logic of realization, though, comes slowly and is forever the end result of the member¹s divine vocation.

Is Quantum Theology Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish?

It is fairly explicable that Quantum Theology could be mystified with Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, Judaism. All the way through history, many scholars have persuade their community to be religious like Jewish, Christians etc.. But there have also been many nonspiritual scholars of this knowledge, such as Socrates, Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton, just to name a few. The startling truth is Quantum Theology is not wished-for a specific sect. Rather, it is deliberate to be used by all humanity till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the INEFFABLE, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the PLEROMA of CHRIST.
Today, thousands of thousands of groups of all faiths have discovered they need more knowledge and understanding and truth about their own faith.
There are two crucial motives that give details why so many Groups are now paying attention to theology.
The first motive is they want to know more about life and eternity how does it apply. 
The second motive is why was I born, where did I came from, who am I,.
When people adapt the knowledge and understanding of Quantum Theology to their lives, they manifest encouraging results.


The Unveiling of CHRIST.